Wednesday, 20 February 2013

WOYWW #194 - Late Again

Once again I am late. I have to admit, I forgot. What with Family Day being on Monday and everyone being at home. Oh well, I am here now. Unfortunately, my desk isn't here. It is currently dusty, dirty and full of what looks like concrete stuck in lumps all over it. My poor 100+ year old original pine farmhouse table.

I am joining in, if you haven't guessed yet, with Julia for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday.

So, today, my desk is my bed.

Sewing box and crochet hook sticking out. I love this one. It is aluminium and red. My Knitting Bag with some Mollie Makes Mags in and my Nanny Slippers still awaiting a Pom Pom - however, I know my Pom-Pom maker is in the shop so I just have to go and pick it up.

Knitting Book to help me decipher stitches. A present I made for a friend. An Angry Bird, just awaiting a beak and eyes - in all my stash of wool, I can't find a small bit of yellowy gold! Angry Birds Pig, which is finished and waiting to be wrapped for Smallest's birthday.

And last but not least, my sock. It was PA Day last Friday so I had two children at home and couldn't go knitting - we went to the cinema instead. I struggled to understand how to finish the toe off - something about grafting. I popped into the shop where I knit and she suggested I come in on this Friday - now I have Smallest with me but he promised he would be good and quiet as long as I give him my phone to play with.

For those that are interested, the loft work is going well. Here is a 'so far' picture.

Before this it was pink insulation wadding and plastic sheets. NICE!



JoZart said...

Whew! life seems hectic but things are moving on nicely. It's funny how we always have favourite things, ... I too have a fave crochet hook that belonged to my Nan, who was Russian. I always wonder what she made with it when I am using it.
Jo x

Heather Alger said...

Great projects - knitting is such a skill. One I am in awe of x
Happy WOYWW Heather #72

Antonia said...

what a lovely sock. I have just discovered the joy of sock knitting this past winter and so far have made 6 pairs!!! Your attic space looks very interesting too
Toni #132

Annie said...

The loft is coming along well and what a fab room it will be when it's finished.
A x #52

Sandy Leigh said...

Love your cute sewing box! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #113

Claire said...

knitting is a such mystery to me, but i love the sock :)
that looks like it will be an amazing loft space when it's finished!
happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
no. 30

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh your Angry birds piggy is just awesome, you've got it bang on!!! Those little infuriating critters...they make my life hell!! Angry birds is one of those daft yet addictive games.....sigh. Brilliant makes anyway,lol!
Hugs, LLJ 38 xxx

Anonymous said...

That loft is going to be brilliant when it's done, sounds like your table will have a couple more battle scars though! Love the piggy and the angry bird, and yay, the sock is almost done! Here's a very quick video on grafting, or kitchener stitch, this is what I used to learn. Video


Anonymous said...

LInk didn't show!


Nan G said...

Love the angry bird and pig!! Is the loft your new crafty space? Big! Have a great week. Happy WOYWW! Nan 7

Suzanne said...

I always love to see sewing related items on WOYWW - I'd love to dig into that sewing basket! X

Ria Gall said...

looks like you have been busy with crafting, family and house hope you are heading for some more you time
Wishing you a really great WOYWW
Ria #73

Anne said...

Phew life sounds very hectic for you. Love your projects. Have loft envy as well :-) x Happy WOYWW Anne x #99

Ali H said...

Loads going on this week ! Looks like the loft is going well ! Thanks for calling by earlier Ali #27

pearshapedcrafting said...

Everything looking good in the loft! Glad you've found some space - all you need now it seems, is time!! Chrisx

Winnie said...

I am loving your critters! I can't knit so I am always in awe of those who can. I bet you cannot wait to wait for your loft to be done. I bet it will be great to have a space like that!

April Story said...

I LOVE Angry Birds - what cute little critters. :-) Loft is coming along.
April #130

Jackie said...

Loft will soon be done and those knitted angry pigs are just great
Jackie 19

Eliza said...

Love the angry birds and that loft is really starting to take shape, it wont be long and you will be moving in and wanting to put stuff everywhere LOL


RosA said...

I love knitting but I have never mastered the art of sock knitting, although I would like to!
Thanks for visiting! Happy late WOYWW!