Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Woyww#193 - sorry to disappoint

It's Wednesday - and again I didn't realise it was a Wednesday until I received a notification that Brenda had posted a WOYWW. I did think about not taking part this week as we are in the middle of Loft Renovations and that is where my crafts live. But yesterday I worked hard on trying to get my sleeping sheep finished.

The reason I 'disappoint you', is because I haven't finished my sock and I promised last week. Now I have a good reason. It snowed here a lot last Friday which meant I couldn't get my car out, so couldn't go to my knitting group. I sat and did about four rows last night in front of Downton Abbey but then realised I had done the four rows wrong and spent the rest of the night undoing and dropping stitches. So I have actually left it in almost the same state it was in last week. I will tackle it again now as I think I know where I went wrong.

In the meantime I have been crocheting a Sleepy Sheep. He is nearly finished and is off to England for a friend's birthday. He is missing an ear and a leg (this is becoming my trademark) and I am hoping to finish this today also.

Before I moved all my craft stuff away from the loft, I rescued all my Mollie MakesMagazines and piled them up in the kitchen and I flick through them at every opportunity. Some of them haven't even been opened. At the moment I am reading about a woman who makes patchwork wooly blankets out of old jumpers. Loving this and would love to have a go.

I'm a bit late posting this today and know (without Brenda's help) that I will be right down the bottom of the list, but at least I joined in. I have my coffee and a piece of hot buttered toast and I am now off to check other desks around the world courtesy of Julia. Oh EDIT: smallest has just informed me that we are going to watch Mickeys Twice Upon Christmas (well it is still snowy).



Becky said...

A craft space in a loft sounds so cozy! So does getting snowed in and also coffee and hot buttered toast :) love your little sheep, missing ear and all :)

Redanne said...

Ah, we are in the middle of renovations too! There is a man outside with a pneumatic drill at the moment........ love your little sleeping sheep, it is so, so cute! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #37

Bernice said...

Your wee sheep will be very cute when you get him all finished. I like the look of that crochet doily pattern. The renovations will be worth it all when you're finished - does it mean you're getting a new crafty space?
Bernice #67

Heather Alger said...

Enjoy the film and a creative week
Happy WOYWW Heather # 62

Ria Gall said...

love your little sleeping sheep so am happy to let you off the sock
Happy WOYWW I hope you have a great day
Ria #47

Debbie said...

Sleepy sheep is very cute indeed! Hope he'll have all his limbs soon! :)

Linda said...

Lots of great works in progress.

Clare said...

Loving the sleepy sheep - you are clever.

Jumbleberries xx

JoZart said...

Hi Famfa, good to hear from you and you have some lovelies there, especially your sleepy sheepy! Love it.
Jo x

Krisha said...

Your sleepy sheep is adorable, even with one ear and one leg!!!
Krisha #133

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love Sleepy Sheep! Hope your loft is soon done ! I saw that article too - but haven't done anything about it - yet! You are my last visit before bed time so I'll say -Goodnight! Chrisx

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your little sleepy sheep, he's adorable! I didn't prod you about WOYWW as I thought you'd be too busy with the loft renovations, although I know the peeps on there would like a before and after photo when it's done. Shame about the sock, I hate ripping stuff out, it's like I just wasted my entire evening and now I have to do it again! Hopefully light is at the end of the tunnel though!


Ann B said...

Love, love your sheep, so cute, but don't talk to me about socks, I've had one on the needles for three months now. Must get down to doing it before the sandals are back in use.
Ann B

Annie said...

You were a bit late in posting it and I am even later visiting you but I still love to see what you're up to :-)
A x

Carol Yates said...

Love the sleepy sheep, keep us updated about your loft please.
Carol.x #87

Twiglet said...

Love the little sheep. Bit late checking out desks this week. Hope renovations going well. x Jo

April Story said...

Your sleep sheep are so cute. Even if some of them are missing limbs. Looking forward to seeing our sock.
April #119