Saturday, 16 March 2013

Finished Socks - WAHOOOOOOOOOO

After the school Summer Holidays of last year, I enrolled in a knitting group in a local town. I loved it and the ladies there were so nice and welcoming, it was great. I started to knit a sock. I had never knitted on four needles before and never ones this tiny with such tiny thin wool. I made lots of mistakes and undid and knitted and undid and knitted. One day I ripped the whole lot off and started all over again. I only ever knitted the sock whilst at the group, which wasn't every week as I had Smallest at home every other week and PA Days and holidays and illnesses etc etc. the result of which meant that it took me a whole five months to knit my first sock. But I was so proud and it fit like a.......well like a sock. I decided to start the next one straight away and in fact finished it just two weeks later.

Today I finished the Kitchener Graft at the end, not perfect and a bit rough but I love it just the same. It has definitely been a labour of love.

The pattern just 'did' all by itself and both socks are different in the pattern slightly but it doesn't matter. They are so soft but I daren't wear them in case I wear them out. Ha ha ha ha ha.

I am very pleased with myself. I have the wool ready to make Huffle a pair but I am not starting them straightaway as I have a cardi to make for myself first.



Angie said...

Congratulations ...they do look so comfy ...I haven't tried socks yet...maybe one day.xx

Debbie said...

Well done! I can't knit at all so you have my admiration anyway and this sounds like it was a really hard project! But you've made a lovely, cosy-looking pair of socks there!

Debbie x

Anonymous said...

Well I think they're brilliant and I hope you're proud if what you've achieved. I like the wool too, what make was it?