Monday, 25 March 2013

Granny Blanket

August 2011, England, Sunshine, Crafting outside. That's when I started my Granny Blanket.

Since then I have crocheted it on the plane three times. The first time was when Huffle came here for an interview. The second was when we came house hunting. The third when we upped and moved here November 2011. Here, in Canada, it is called an Afghan. I always thought that was a dog!

Anyway, I have picked it up again after a pause of 16 months. I am addicted again. Now it is bigger than me, and the only way I could think of showing how big it has got, was to hold it up.

I want it to be big enough to fit on a bed. At the moment it fits widthways but not lengthways. It's very snuggly draped over me in the evenings, but no doubt as it gets warmer I will abandon it again till next Winter. I am off to the Thrifty Shop now to see if I can buy some wool. This takes over 50g each round now and I have used a lot of old wool on it.



1 comment:

Debbie said...

Wow, amazing blanket, such a lot of work in it! Could do with that to keep cosy just now, brrr!