Tuesday, 12 March 2013

WOYWW #197 - Angry Socks

Hello. Wednesday again, where I join in with what's on your Workdesk Wednesday. Most addictive and much fun. Anyway, here is my desk, taken Tuesday Morning as the sun was shining through the window of the finished loft (apart from a bit of painting and dressing!).

A finished sock hanging off my sewing machine with bits of bunting waiting to be sewed together for Smallest's room. Sewing Box with Cafetiere Warmer about to be packaged up and sent. A cushion with an old baby blanket, half sewn into a cushion cover for my sofa. Small's swimming towel and badge needing to be sewn. Nimp waiting for his bell to be sewn back on. Wind-up radio soothing me. Cafetiere and coffe stimulating me. Bag of crochet hooks. Tin of bits for carrying around in my knitting bag. Tape measure to measure if my sock is long enough. Second sock which I have to say has only taken me two weeks to complete (yes two weeks, first one five months Ha!). Nearly a pair. (Just the Kitchener Graft to do). Ha ha ha ha ha. Think I might have done it slightly wrong but I am past caring, I'm sure it will be lovely. I have a ball of wool all ready to make Huffle's pair. Angry Pig and his friend Angry Bird just waiting for a tail to be sewn on. And I think that's about it.

My spotty tablecloth (that I get so many comments about) is stuffed in the drawer and needs a damn good clean - it may be back next week. The bunting and adornments are yet to be put in place as we still have painting to do and I will need to move the desk a bit.

Here is my side of the loft.

And the other side of the loft that will be the Guest room

Right I am off to do a bit of my Granny Blanket in front of the TV and then I will wander around and see what everyone else is doing on their desks.



Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

awesome attic and love the Angry Bird and companion.. so cute an well done on sock, a complicated looking pattern..
Happy WOYWW (not number yet) Shaz in oz.x

Annie said...

Oh wow your attic is really coming together....what a fab room now.
A x # 44

Lluisa Munoz said...

You have such a wonderful, I wish I could ave something similar for myself :)

Have a great day!

Lluisa x


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how quickly you knitted the second sock! That's brilliant, and you're contemplating a pair for Huffle too! I've been trying to work on Andrew's hat again, at this rate he won't be able to wear it until next winter! I did get one sock finished though, haven't cast on the second one as it will distract me from the hat! Love the loft, you wouldn't think it was the same space would you?

Brenda 88
You're 89, the time change helped us this week!

Redanne said...

Huge congratulations on the second sock!! Love Angry Bird - he is so cute and love your attic space, it looks lovely, light and airy - perfect for your craft room. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #23

Brenda Brown said...

Loved taking a look at your creative space and your loft looks amazing.
Happy WOYWW.
hugs {brenda} x0x #99

Winnie said...

Love your Angry Bird! How creative! I love your loft space! What a great spot to create! Have a great week! Winnie #65

Monica said...

Love the knitted cuties and such a wonderful attic beats outs that is intimidating.
Monica 84

MiniOwner said...

Oooh such a lovely crafting space. Your little knitted critters are so cute. Happy Wednesday. :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner@109)

Ria Gall said...

oh look at your wonderful new crafting space all shiny and nice I bet you have a lot of things going through your head of what you want to do with it.
Lots of crafting goodies finsihed as well you have been so busy

trisha too said...

Your angry socks are too funny, and that space, W O W!!!!

Do you secretly do a big sweeping dance all over the room every time you go in there??

Happy WOYWW!
#124 this week

Scrapcat 1 said...

Your loft looks fabulous, all that's space to play in, how long will it be before all the loft is your I wonder!

okienurse said...

awesome attic loft for crafting and guesting. I used to have a basement room like this where the little ones could play while I did. It was great fun! Love the Angry Bird and Pig! Vickie #1

Shoshi said...

Love your loft studio, Famfa! One of the houses we looked at had a bedroom with sloping ceilings like that, which would have been my ARTHaven. Full of character! - as is your desk this week - what a lot of creativity going on! Great fun.

Thanks for your lovely comment - things are definitely progressing. Today I've had a more restful day as I'm rather exhausted!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #84

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Those angry bird characters are so good...the colours and pattern are spot on!! And wow, look at your loft...it's fab :)
Hugs, LLJ 35 xxxx