Monday, 1 April 2013

Angry Birthday Cake

I have been so busy with Smallest's birthday that I forgot to post about his Birthday Cake. Silly me. So here it is.

I started with a 'Golden Yellow Cake' in a square 8" tin.

While I waited for it to cool, I created some creatures and a catapult.

I used butter icing with melted Chocolate in it to give it that fudgey taste. That went in the middle and all around the cake. Plus a strip of green for the grass.

I had made another smaller cake in case I needed to make structures. The first structure I needed was a bird platform and a wall to put the candles on.

Chocolate wafers, chocolate fingers and lots of buttercream used as glue made various hideouts for the pigs and ledges.

Three vanilla wafers sandwiched together made the TNT box, then I used icing cut out by hand to form the TNT letters.

Digestives were sprinkled over the butter icing on the board to create more texture.

There were a lot of times where things started shifting and moving and we thought the whole thing was going to collapse at one point, but it held together. Smallest was very pleased with his Angry Birds cake. I had a lot of fun making it too.


He said it was his best cake EVER and gave me the biggest hug.



Annie said...

What a fab cake and all the effort was def worth while for that response :-)
A x

Angie said...

What an amazing cake ....ingenious ...hope he had a wonderful day xx

Debbie said...

Such a brilliant cake, such a lot of work gone into it, no wonder he was impressed!