Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Pouffe Finished

Today I finished off my Pouffe cover. I love it, it turned out just how I wanted which is amazing seeing as I didn't use a pattern.

It is crocheted and I started using a a single stitch (I get a bit confused with crochet terms here as US and UK terms are different) or what I call a single stitch and then carried on working in a spiral, moving to a double crochet and then a seam on the top edge using a slip stitch. I think it works well. I made another seam underneath to hold it on.

I'm hoping my Grandma (Gram) would have been pleased with what I have done to her old Pouffe. It feels cosy now when you put your feet on it.




Elizabeth said...

Brilliant, I'm sure your grandma would have been very proud of your gorgeous cover. Elizabeth xx

Annie said...

Wow that looks fab....I'm not surprised you're so thrilled with it.
A x # 39

Clare said...

Good job girl-friend - that looks fab!!

Jumbleberries xx