Thursday, 22 August 2013

Pedicure Socks - don't read if you are MOO!

I have just finished the second of Moo's Pedicure sock for Chistmas. Wahooooooo.

They do need blocking and ends thing in still.

I really like the colour and am especially pleased because the kids chose the wool. They have knitted up really well and it was very easy. I used four double pointed needles again and just one skein of wool.

Trying these on made me realise I needed a Pedicure!!!

Beautiful. Now I have to attempt my next sock which is a cable one using two circular needles. I have been told once I 'get' this method I will never want to use four dpn's again. We'll see!



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Anonymous said...

Lovely jubbly, good for you! Bet Moo will love them too. Ooh, that rhymes, lol! I'll kink you up again if Julia posts tonight, but you're on your own next week as I'm off camping!!