Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Work Socks

I have been knitting some cosy socks for Huffle for Christmas. The first one I started way before we went on holiday and I only finished it last Friday. The second one I started on Friday and finished last night.

The are very big and cosy but the idea is for Huffle to wear them in his boots in Winter. They are based on the original 'work sock' and I used four double pointed needles.

This is me trying them on and I am a UK 5, he is an 11, wide, flat footed man!

I am quite pleased with them. This is only my second pair of socks and the first pair with three colours. They are not a surprise to Huffle as he has sat with me while I swore, ripped out, reknitted, threw said things across room and constantly made him try them and measure his feet. They cost way more than to buy but the love that has gone into them is worth it.


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Elizabeth said...

Cosy socks and you can see the love that went in to them :) And as to cost, consider the price of Brasher sock and your lovingly handknitted ones must rate as a bargain. Have a lovely day. Elizabeth x #47