Thursday, 7 November 2013

Baking Bad

Today I helped a fellow Brit out with making a cake for her husbands birthday. She has never made a cake before so armed with my beloved Mixer, cake tins, spatulas and cooling racks I drove to Whitby. We started with a long chat and a cup of tea.

Her Husband is a big 'Breaking Bad' fan and she had seen a recipe for a cake which was Blue and White marble with white icing and blue Rock candy on the top (to look like crystal meth).

This is the outcome

We started by making a lot of cake batter and split it in half and coloured one half blue.

We had lots of help from Little Batch, in between feeding, cradling and loving Baby Batch.


We filled six tins with blobs of alternate white and blue mix and then swirled them with a fork.

Once baked and cooled, we made cream cheese frosting. (Icing sugar, cream cheese, vanilla essence and butter).

The cakes were piled, frosted, piled, frosted. We had a problem with one layer and had to take it off and eat it - WHOOPS.

Batch, her boobs and some serious frosting

Once they were all layered up and frosted we cooled it in the fridge before placing the rock candy on top. Batch actually made this using cornflour, water, peppermint essence, blue food gel and sugar - very clever and quite tasty.

This is Batch's daughter before she put her finger in it!

Job done. Now I have to go and watch Breaking Bad to find out why we made the cake the way we did. I brought some home (from the layer that didn't work) and it tastes good. Batch promised me she would take a photo when she cuts it so I know it worked out okay.

The recipe came from


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Annie said...

Wow. What a fab cake...well done all concerned. I'm really impressed with the blue swirls and really should share the recipe for the topping ;-)
A x
ps don't forget to drop my at mine for your weekly smile and maybe have a go in the quiz I've got on there today :-)