Monday, 25 November 2013

There's a snake in my stocking

This weekend I managed to finish two projects.

The first was the snake I was making for a friends baby. Oh my goodness, she had this baby ages ago, what have I been doing (apart from being a sock machine!).

This was knitted on four dpn with lots of colours to make the stripes. I wanted to keep it girly looking because she is a girl. No buttons for the eyes as I didn't want her biting them off and swallowing them. I hope it is cuddly enough and easy to get hold of. Now I have to wrap it up and send it to Scotland.

Goodby stripy snake, enjoy your flight.

The next project I finished was my Christmas Stocking.

I really enjoyed knitting the fair isle parts but I got very bored knitting the rest.

The heel is too big, the leg too short and the toe went wrong. It doesn't really hang well but as long as the big man (Santa) can get some goodies in for us all, it doesnt really matter. Maybe I will have another go when I have less things to knit.

This was knit on two circular needles with three colours. The fair isle part was knit a bit tight as I pulled the red and white over each other at the back. Then when it came to the leg bit I knitted looser so you could see the samll white bits, hence the strange shape.


It's beginning to look a lot like Christms...............


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