Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Pokemon Cake

Sunday was Smallest's seventh birthday and yesterday was his party for his friends. As usual my kids like to challenge me to make them a spectacular cake (in their eyes anyway!)

So began the challenge............

I made two sandwich chocolate cakes and sandwiched them together with chocolate fudge butter icing.

Then I buttericed them with vanilla buttercream which is called Dirty Icing (I know this because I am an avid Cake Boss fan.

I made two pokemon figures as per my instructions.

May I introduce Pikachu.....

.....and Oshawott

Then I half iced the cake with red fondant icing and the other half with white Fondant icing. Added a red strip around the bottom and a white circle on top.

This is to represent the PokeBall (of course).

I needed a black stripe - I didn't have any black fondant and adding black colouring never properly works plus it tastes bad. So I bought some Black Modelling Wafers, melted them and painted my stripe on (not the best straight line).



Tastes good too.


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