Tuesday, 22 April 2014

WOYWW #254 - tidy threads

Hello Wednesdayers or What's on your Workdesk Wednesday peeps. Of course, I am joining in with WOYWW today but alas my desk is pretty clear. I have been mainly working on the floor (quilting) or in front of the TV (crochet).

This crochet Granny Blanket has been in the making for about three years now and has been on five plane journeys (it is too big for any planes now). It is wide enough to go over our King Size bed but not quite long enough so I am carrying on for now.

I took my desk one from a different angle today as the last two shots of my desk were the same.

The quilt is coming on fine except I got to the point where the pattern was driving me insane. It was just too complicated (or rather I was making it too complicated) so I I have gathered the squares up and piled them in colour groups. I have also decided I will get a different colour to put between the colourful squares and around the edge so it is not quite so bright!

Ooh I see a rogue Easter Egg hider on the photo!!

Grab a cuppa and go and see who else and what else is going on in the Crafty World of WOYWW.



Anonymous said...

Funny, I was checking out your blog while you were checking out mine! Andrew was right next to me and spotted the Peppa Pig which he thought was really cute so we just looked at your other sugarcraft. The Queen is brilliant but that little baby takes the biscuit! Anyway, a blanket like that is a labour of love but it'll be fantastic when it's finished and you can use it. No Easter goodies for us, the closest I got to an Easter Bunny was us nibbling on carrot sticks all weekend! We're doing a week long detox and started it on Thursday as I had the 3day weekend to get used to it before having to go back to work again. You feel crap for the first few days but we always feel fantastic afterwards, it's worth doing but not easy.


Annie said...

Your crocheting is coming along well....soon be there :-)
Love the quilt squares too and can't wait to see how you fiinish it.
Annie x # 38

Claire said...

Now THAT's a granny blanket - wow!! Bet it's cozy and warm :)
Happy WOYWW!
no. 2

Chrysalis said...

Not long to go now, with the blanket! I often put plain white between my quilt colours - really makes them stand out but draws them together, too. Have a lovely week, Chris # 19 xx

Anonymous said...

I just love to crochet but find small blocks or strip suit me bette than a full 100s of chains then 100s of rows or rounds project :) I do love the bright colours of the patchwork too. All looking like fun and making me want to grab a hook....

Happy WOYWW!

Mary Anne (1)

My name is Cindy said...

Wow that quilt is a biggy!! I hope that having a 'joining' colour resolves your patchwork dilemmas. The materials are lovely though! Happy WOYWW, Cindy #56

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I quite often use a joining colour in my patchwork as it's useful for disguising any corners that don't line up! :-) But actually I like the way the squares stand out more too!
Well done on that amazing crochet blanket - there must be an amazing amount of yarn in it...do you change colours if one runs out halfway around the block?
Hugs, LLJ 14 xx

Helen said...

oh my, what a couple of projects you have there... love that crochet blanket, bet it'll be all warm and snuggly once it is done! As for the quilt - good luck! Helen 5

Mrs.D said...

Well done with that blanket, they do take a long time, and fail singularly to use up the odd scraps of wool, which is why I started many years ago. It will feel really good when it is on your bed and you can snuggle under it and think 'I made that'.
What is the lovely little bit of dark blue with leaves just beside the blanket, look super.
Rogue Easter egg, bet you gave it a good home!
Chris #34


Hi Famfa
happy WOYWW. Sorry I am running late. The crochet blanket looks awesome...it took me 5 years to finish my last two...I put them in the cupboard in summer as it was too hot to handle the wool and forget they were there LOL. Have fun with the quilt!
Annette In Oz #8

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love your Granny Blanket - it looks warm and comforting! Great colour choices for your quilt, Chris67