Saturday, 11 June 2011

Gussets, Beads and Fingerprints


Hurray - I have finally finished Stanley the Dog (which in fact was a challenge set up by thefeltfairy some months ago but which I have only just managed to do).  With a small amount of trouble I have to say too.  I was given the pattern with bits to cut out and piece together and sew.  EASY PEASY, except that I interpreted the GUSSET as being in the bottom area (Why?  because all I could think of was pants had gussets!).

So this is how poor Stanley looked with an extra bottom gusset!!

Until I spoke to my friend who had successfully made a Stanley and informed me that the gusset meant a panel, and the panel should be on his head.  What a fool I am.

So Stanley had his bottom undone and I sewed it in the correct place.

Who would have thought he'd have gone so nicely with my tablecoth?

 What a handsome fellow he is.

I often get dressed and think "oooh I have no bracelet that goes with that top"  so off I go to my bead box and see what I can throw togther.  This is one result.

I bought the beads whilst on holiday a few years ago in Venice.  They are Morano glass and very pretty.  They go with my green top beautifully.  Oh and my sandals and my new green bag which I just bought from a charity shop.  BARGAIN.


I have mentioned previously how talented the rest of my family are but i wanted to share a vase that my Huffle made for me.  He loves to buy me vases (but never any flowers!!!! - it's the thought that counts).

The flower petals are his fingerprints - isn't he clever.  I love it.  ;O)


Vintage Vixen said...

Stanley is a handsome chap, you've done a splendid job there. Love the bracelet and hubbie's vase, too. xxx

Angie said...

Love the bracelet ...mirano glass is so beautiful.
Re your last post... I meant to say I LOVE the word cacophony ...I think it normally refers to sounds that are discordant ...but why not a mix of colours as well.