Monday, 13 June 2011


This weekend I decided to make Orio Cupcakes. I saw them on someone else's blog. I'm sorry I can't credit them as I can't remember where I saw them now. Apparantly Nigella also made these sometime ago.

I had 12 Orios and the idea was to put one in each cake case. However, 6 of them were broken. So 12 cakes were made with broken bits in the bottom and 6 were made using full Orios. Then there were six cakes left which were just plain chocolate cakes.

7oz margarine
7oz sugar
4 eggs
6 oz plain flour
2 tbsp baking powder
1 oz cocoa powder
Splash of milk

I baked them for approx 20 mins. Ummm the smell!

When they cooled I completely forgot which was which and I decorated the ones I thought had full Orios in them as nicely as I could (so I could blog them) (and also add them to the sliced cake flickr group I am in).

Anyway I decorated the rest in a manner that wouldn't matter as we were going to eat them for our tea.

I got them all wrong. So now when we eat them we have a surprise every time. Is there an Orio in there? Is it a full one? Is it a broken one? Do they all taste yummy - yes yes yes.

Give it a go. They are still crunchy at the bottom but all cakey still on top. The recipe I saw suggested using broken Orios in the buttercream topping.

Now that's for another time.

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Rosa Lily (Pen) said...

I adore cup cakes, I do have my own recipe which I have used for some time, I could eat them all day if I was left on my own!! Thanks for your lovely words on my blog about the owl and felt items! xx