Wednesday, 15 June 2011

woyww (buttons)


Whilst working on Stanley the Dog (which I have now finished), I came across my Mum's old tins of buttons - WOW.  I love them.  All sorts of colours, shapes and sizes.  Brilliant.  Now I just have to find some things to make to use some of them.

I laid them out on the table with all intentions of sorting them but they just got put back in the tins again. 

Oh to have a workdesk that doesn't need tidying away all the time.I finished my mum's cardigan but then realised one sleeve was slightly larger than the other (who would notice that but the person who it is for!!!!!!!!)  So it has to be undone again!

I'm still working on Rosie the pig but she now has a body, a snout, two legs and a nose.  Wahooo - not long now.

My Knit of a friend

About a month ago, I taught my friend how to knit.  She has never tried before.  Two lessons on the park and one quick lesson in her kitchen and she has made a chicken, an elephant and some beautiful flowers.  WOW.  I must be one hell of a teacher (Or she's just a natural).  I'm trying to persuade her to start her own blog but in the meantime here is her darling chicken.

Well done Mrs Bomberdill


On Saturday we go on holiday.  Hoorah.  However, Small's passport has expired so yesterday Smallest and I went to the passport office to sort out a new one for him.  When I got there I had forgotton the photos (bearing in mind the passport office is over an hour away).  What a wally. 

Smallest passed the time (while waiting for Huffle to bring us the photos - bless him) in the fountains.

He had fun and the passport is winging its way to us now - phew - I need a holiday.


Angie said...

I used to love going through button boxes ...I had mums, mil and an aunts .... when i moved I had a brain melt down and ...gave them away ...yet I kept so much other junk.
Wow those cup cakes below look soooooo yummy.xx

Anonymous said...

Old button boxes are such amazing treasure troves aren't they? Your friend picked up the knitting really quickly too, that's amazing. Have a great holiday, hope it's sunny!

Brenda 73

Vix said...

Oh no, poor you with the passport pictures!
I love your friend's chicken, you must be a brilliant teacher. xxx

Andria said...

There's nothing better than sorting through someone's button collection...such fun. Your friend's knitting is amazing for someone so new to must have been an outstanding teacher! What a shame about the photos, but I LOVE those fountains you can walk right through; I'm sure your son had great fun!

NatashaMay said...

What a cute chick! :) You taught your friend well. :) Have fun on your holiday. Happy WOYWW!

RosA said...

Hi there, Thanks for visiting my blog! Your cupcakes look SO yummy! Yes, I'm knitting on four needles. It's a beret and there won't be any seams to sew up. It's not as difficult as it looks. I also use circular needles whenever possible. Again, no seams to sew up at the end. I have lots of old buttons also. What I did to some large ones was spray them with two colours of Tattered Angels Chalkboard. The buttons had some 3D lines on them and the effect was very nice. Have a lovely holiday!

karen said...

Oooh, lovely buttons! A real treasure find!
Love the chicken you taught your friend to make! You are a great teacher! I saw your green chicken down below too, love it!
Thanks for visiting me!

Twiglet said...

Don't we just all love buttons - must go back to our childhood or something! Have a fab holiday.

okienurse said...

I love buttons! wish I could find the one I lost. It has all the buttons from my Mom's and Grandmoms sewing kits. Dumb me for losing it! Vacations can be such a stressor before you go can't they! Have a great time! Thanks for sharing! Vickie #46