Friday, 15 June 2012

Finished on a Friday - funky

Yay - finally - I have finished Small's sock Monkey. He is so pleased.

He has named him already. Funky. He chose the buttons for his eyes (it wouldn't have been my choice but I really like them now!). I actually sewed this up upside down but it gives him some character!

We didn't have two socks the same so we chose similar ones (well Small did).

Now off to start a crochet flower. My mum arrived this week and bought with her four Mollie Makes. the crochet flower was in one of those magazines.

I am also going to try and finish my dolls hair and make her a dress.

You may have noticed I am crafting outside today. Ahhh I do like a bit of outside crafting. Lovely.



Debbie said...

The sock monkey is very cute, I like his name too! Envy you being able to craft outside, it's raining and miserable here!

Debbie x

Angie said...

He is soooo cute ....I am sure he will be much loved you are glad he is finally finished.xx