Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Woyww #160 - food

I have abandoned my workdesk today for the kitchen! Tomorrow it is the last day at school for Smallest and the last but one day for Small before they break up for the loooonnnngggggg summer.

I made blueberry scones for their teachers. Huffle and I have also made boxes out of food boxes turned inside out and retaped together. Tomorrow the boys will decorate them and I will load them with scones.

Small also needed something for his class party tomorrow so he made some Maple Syrup flapjack. It just needs cutting up.

So that is on my desk. I wonder what is on everyone elses.



live sports said...

nice pics

Annie said...

That looks like a really yummy workdesk to me :-)
A x #83

Jumbleberries said...

My word looks like you have had a productive morning - you are a Busy Butterfingers!

The kids here have two more weeks before they break up for the summer, they are ready for it though everyone is getting really tired (including me, hahaha!)

Happy baking.

Big hugs - miss you. xx

Twiglet said...

What a tempting display today!! They will be much appreciated, I am sure. x Jo

Brenda B said...

Ooh, blueberry scones for breakfast, sounds fantastic right about now! What on earth are you going to do with the littlies for the summer? You're number 113 this week.


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Put the kettle - I'll be round in 5 mins!! I am a sucker for flapjack and this maple syrup version sounds awesome!! I loved the long summer holidays when the boys were small, just brilliant being in their PJs until whenever, camping out in the garden, sprinklers making them yell in the cold water...ah, happy days!

Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

Neet said...

That's a very tempting workdesk this week - looks to be full of yum yum yum!
Happy WOYWW.
Hugs, neet #20 xx

Angie said...

Yummmmmm.... need to make some scones I think ...and I love flapjacks ...anykind ...maple syrup is the best with added pecans.xx#93

Anonymous said...

Ooh yummy! I'll have three of everything please!


Zoe #54

Debbie said...

That all looks delicious! I wish I had some of that on my workdesk while I'm crafting!

Debbie x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Mmmmm! I love scones. I've never had a homemade one but I'll bet they are so much better. I shouldn't be looking at your post now. Lunch time is still 20 minutes away and I'm ready to skin and eat my computer mouse. Your post is not helping! Sorry, that wasn't a dog, that was my tummy.

trisha too said...


Happy WOYWW to you!
trisha too

sandra de said...

Absolutely delicious post.

Spyder said...

Ohoooo that looks yummy! Very hungry now, and realisng why, didn't have time breakfast this morning! HaPpY wOyWw!!
Sorry very late, builders are here putting in new windows. Happy Crafting!!
((Lyn)) #32

Judys Fabrications said...

Gosh, I can almost smell those goodies!
Judy #82

Sandy said...

I love home made scones cheese and herb ones are my fave. Yours look scrummy. Sandy :)

peggy aplSEEDS said...

happy WOYWW! oh, yummy, smells good!
thanks for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I can almost smell all your goodies. One of those scones would be great with my coffee this morning. Blessings!