Saturday, 14 May 2011


ISN'T SHE LOVELY..........
This week I got my dream mixer.  Ahhhhhh - she's a beauty.  For weeks (maybe months) I've been looking at colour charts, booklets, internet etc etc.  Which colour should I get?  A red one to match my tablecloth? (how decadent).  A black one to match the worktops? (too much blending), a brushed silver one? (too much polishing).  Instead I finally decided on classic cream.  Bearing in mind I don't sell enough cakes to buy a different colour each year, I felt the classic cream may last me a lifetime (that's what I told Huffle anyway).


I have been commissioned to make a fake wedding cake.  When I say fake, I mean that the cake is real and so was the wedding, but it has been and gone - unfortunately we weren't able to attend as it was in the America.  The happy couple have come home for a few weeks so a cake was required.  I modelled the couple on top of the cake on their wedding pictures.  Hope they are happy with the results.  (The groom kept getting fatter and fatter - which is nothing like real life eh Mr Pickle?).  He also kept falling over - was he drunk?


It is also Mr Pickle's birthday so I made some cup cakes for him.  They have glitter on them (I think he'll like that touch!

Actually Mum piped these - she can't pipe she says - I think she can now.  She has now been given the official title of ASSISTANT CHEF.

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Quirky Boots said...

oooh i want a kitchen aid :) lucky lucky gal :) x