Wednesday, 25 May 2011


On My Workdesk (Trusty Old Kitchen Table)

As usual there is the cardigan, still awaiting finishing, still awaiting sewing up.  However, I have moved on slightly from last week.  My Mum bought a button - hurrah.  I'm sure it will be finished soon.  Whether she will EVER wear it is another story!!!!

There is a Stanley pattern from The Felt Fairy ( to cut out and sew (haven't decided which colours to use yet).

Also the Minion pattern waiting to be knitted.  Got a few of these to make now.  I haven't even tried to make one yet but already I've been asked  to do more.

I am in the process of teaching two people I know how to knit a chicken (with or without chick peas). I hope to show some pictures of what they have created soon.

Last weekend I tried to make Clare @ Jumbleberries ( )Country Loaf.  Ummmmmmm.  Yummy.  Not sure mine looks anything like hers but its a winner.

It is lovely served warmed with butter.  Its also lovely cold straight from the tin the next day.  I will certainly be making this one again. 

Thanks Jumbleberries ;0)


Anonymous said...

I so wish I were a knitter! But apparently not enough to take the time/patience to learn. The country loaf looks yum - what's in it?
Shelly, #92

famfa said...

thanks. The country loaf is a jumbleberries recipe. It consists of carrot, onion, cheese, flour, egg, mustard. Yum. Full recipe on http://jumble

MaggieC said...

That loaf sounds so tempting. Sadly, I have developed a wheat intolerance so bread of any kind is off limits. Your knitting is coming on well. I am sure you will soon have it finished. Good luck.

Nicks said...

ooo fancy showing me that loaf when i am on a diet!

okienurse said...

I used to knit a lot but over the years I have gotten out of the habit and taken on other crafts. When I lived up north we wore sweaters all the time cause it was so cold. In Oklahoma it doesn't get cold enough for long enough to have to wear sweaters. We have been living here 23 years now! I think that is why I don't knit as much any more. That loaf is awesome. I am going to have to try making it. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm so late I've seen the minions - they're very cool! And the cooking - do you ever sleep?