Tuesday, 31 May 2011

PYO, Likes and Chicken Cake

Print Your Own

We are going on holiday soon, to much warmer climes, and I thought it might be time to check if shorts and tee-shirts still fit.  Smallest has loads of clothes (he's so lucky his big brother passes everything on to him - he thinks he's lucky now but give it a few years and he'll be moaning "I never get anything new - it's not fair!").  Anyway, poor Small keeps growing taller and taller and none of his tee-shirts fit.  So off to 'cheap shop' we go to buy him some.  They didn't have a good choice this year so we bought him some plain tee-shirts and thought we would print our own.  The white one came out very well - the others less so - but he was really happy with them all.

I know he doesn't look ecstatic but he is, HONEST!

This is Bowser, Bowser Jnr and the Bowser Mobile - that's what Small says anyway - and he should know.

What we Like

I made a present for Huffle this week.   It's a collection of words he likes presented in a frame. 

Oh and I made one for me too

Hey I just noticed Huffle and I share a 'like' (ROME) - well we did get engaged there - ahhhhhhhh x


This was a cake made for some lunchtime visitors today. That's supposed to be a chicken on the top. Why? I don't know - I just felt like it.


Victoria Sponge (Lorraine Pascal's Baking Made Easy recipe)
My buttercream (just margarine and icing sugar with a dash of vanilla essence)
Strawberry Jam
and a very generous dusting of icing sugar.

How am I going to ever fit in a pair of shorts for my holiday?

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Anonymous said...

OMG how big is that boy, and how much does he look like his Dad! Amazing.