Sunday, 29 May 2011

Why I cookin' soooo good

The title of today's blog was taken from Genaro Contaldo from the Two Greedy Italians which was recently on BBC2.  He was making a meal for his friend Antonio Carluccio and held his arms in the air (Like a typical Italian) and shouted at the top of his voice "Why I cookin' sooo good?"  It make me chuckle.  I did actually record him saying it and hope to add it to this blog soon.

I decided to make their "Warm Chocolate and Amaretto Pudding".

It was absolutely delicious.

In fact we have just finished eating it.  Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Warm Chololate and Amaretto Pudding
18floz milk warmed
1 Tbsp (Heaped alot) plain flour
2 Tbsp Castor Sugar
1 Vanilla Pod
2.5 floz Amaretto
3.5oz dark chocolate chopped (we used milk choloate and then some extra grated 100%Cacao)
2oz unsalted butter
1oz amaretti biscuits (approx 6)

Mix the flour, sugar and vanilla with a small amount of milk until smooth.
Cook for 2-3 mins and whisk in the Amaretto until thickened. 
Stir in chocolate and butter. (Should be the consistancy of thick custard)
Leave to cool slightly and then spoon into glasses and sprinkle over amaretti biscuits.

I'm sure the full and proper recipe is on the website for Two Grumpy Italians but this was a hurriedly written down recipe and it worked beautifully.

They're Despicable

Now I promised I would make a Minion or two.  Here's two.  Adapted from a knitting pattern I found at  I had to adapt it as it didn't work out quite how it should.  However, Small and Smallest have already cuddled and loved them (now I have to make more as I promised my neice the first one - shhhh don't tell her)

This is just to show how big (or small) they are, becuase you can't often tell.  In case you don't know that is an egg in the photo!

I will at some point attempt to post a pattern for these.

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Tania said...

Oh, don't! 11.20pm is too late to be lusting over Warm Chocolate and Amaretto Pudding. Specially since there isn't any Amaretto in the house.

PS. I rather think Minions are the bees knees.