Monday, 12 September 2011


Wow, is it really six weeks since Clare started this?

Anyway,  here is my list this week:-

making a little pom pom hat for my friends baby (not born yet).  I've never made anything for a baby before (except a blanket) - how exciting.

cooking Turkey Meatballs for my boys (Smallests' first full day at school today and he requested Meatballs for his Dinner)

wearing sports gear because I have just been to the gym - I'm glad to get back to my routine.  It's all gone to pot since the Summer Holidays.

listening to Miles Kane Album - Inhaler - fabulous

watching Seven Dwarves - I never watched it from the beginning of the series so am now catching up on 4OD - its really good.

meeting my old playgroup pals tomorrow for a catch up and coffee

eating Weight Watchers Carrot and Lentil Soup - cos I don't want the good work of the gym to be wasted

loving the fact that our house has been sold already (It's only been on the market for a week - wahoo)

learning Italian with my boys

remembering I've put my washing out to dry and it is SOOOOOOOOOO windy here, need to keep checking my pants haven't flown over new next door neighbours.

whoops - just rescued Huffles trousers from the fence!

If you want to play along just pop over the Clare's Blog.  Leave me a comment so I can be nosey too.

Have a nice day x

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Jumbleberries said...

Thanks for joining in with MMOM again.

Weight watchers soup? Hope you had a great big hunk of bread to go with it, spread thick with butter?

I've been watching Seven Dwarves too - brilliant.

Have fun. Jumbleberries xx