Thursday, 8 September 2011


Whilst waiting for the first viewing of the house today, Smallest to finish school, and the Tumble Dryer man to look at my poorly dryer,  I watched The Great British Bake Off and crocheted a whole round on my blankie.

Anyway, on the Bake Off, they were making biscuits. This reminded me that when we were in Canada recently I bought four cookie stampers at the local Market.

Father Christmas, Pumpkin, House and Watering Can

Aren't they fabulous?

Well when I eventually found them (everything has been moved so the house looks less cluttered, which is great but I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING!!!), I thought I ought to make some cookies. 

So this is what I made while I waited for the second viewing of the house. 

However (why is there always an However in my posts?), I popped them in the oven and forgot to stamp them (wasn't that the whole point!), so I quickly took them out and prodded one stamp in and quickly chucked them back in the oven again.

Well this is what they should look like

And this is what they DID look like close up

But they actually did taste really good.

And the people liked our house - PLEASE BUY IT.

And the Tumble Dryer man was the most depressing man I have ever met - everything I said to him, he said, Oh well you know, doom and gloom, doom and gloom, blah blah blah, recession, blah, cold in Canada, blah blah.  And the Tumble Dryer is beyond repair!

p.s.  My lovely friend Em lent me her "British Bake Off" book, and then I went and made scones and got some sconey stuff on the pages, and then they stuck themselves together (the pages) and now I can't give it her back.  She has given it to me as a leaving present - bless her.  Thanks Em. x


Annaboo said...

Ooo I love a bit of The Great British Bake Off- it's what I watch when the Mister's away on business.
I think your cookies look delish!
Liking those stamps very much.

JoZart said...

Great laugh there! Save me a bicky ... next time you'll remember now won't you? Popped in for a late snoop and had a laugh too.
Love JoZarty x