Monday, 19 September 2011

MMOM # 7

MEET ME ON A MONDAY WEEK 7 - as started by the lovely Clare at Jumbleberrries.

Hello, its nice to see you - what have you been up to this weekend?

I am listening to Adele because ever since I saw her in concert (last week) I am obsessed with her music - she is a true genius and I just can't get enough of her music - Both of her albums are fabulous.

I am waiting for the Estate Agents to ring to arrange for someone to see the house after the offer fell through last week.  Boooo

I am readng my Mollie Makes Magazine - LOVE IT.

I am researching  schools in Canada - we are off there 2nd week in October and I need to contact them to see if we can have a look.

I am making a knitted tea cosy for my friends' teapot (without a pattern).

I am designing a cake for Small's 8th Birthday - he wants a Mario one.

Which of the Small's made that green smudge?

I am drinking my Rich Italian coffee.  I always say "Never say 'No' to a Rich Italian" whenever I drink it.

I am ironing a very large basket of shirts, duvet covers, tee shirts and school uniform - aaarrrgggghhhhhhhhhh.

I am very impressed that Clare has set up her MMOM post with Mr Linky - how clever is she?  Why not pop along and have a look at what she is doing and maybe join in.



Jumbleberries said...

Thanks for joining in with MMOM again - and glad you appreciate the addition of Mr Linky!!

Plans for Smalls cake look excellent - you are very talent Busy Butterfingers.

Have a great day. xx

Katiejane said...

Very busy! You've got to love Mario, it'll make a great cake!
I think you are very clever making a tea pot cosie minus a pattern! I've not ventured anything that big yet, other than scarves.
Enjoy your week.
Katie x

Angie said...

I love her and her music too.
Oh boy are you busy ...good luck with the house sale ..a stress you could do without.

Lorna May said...

What a busy week planned.
So jealous you saw Adele!!
I am never moving again after the last move thanks to estate agents so feel your stress!

{Dab and a dash.}

CherylD said...

Where is the "Tea on Tuesday" Blog - come on, shake a leg! Think if I did a blog it would be called clumsieitus!!!!! x

famfa said...

Cheeky Cheryl more like!