Monday, 26 September 2011

mmom #8 in London

Today my Meet me on a monday is in London, where I spent the day with my Mum (Moo) and my friend (Aunty A).  I know I'm late and it's nearly Tuesday but come on - London is a long way away.

I am.....................................................

Listening to the rain beat down - it was a fabulously sunny day all day, then it got dark and the heavens opened just as we were heading for the train station to come home.

Ooh look at that cloud!

Absolutely piddling it down

Waiting for our train as we missed the last one by one minute - can you believe it?

Buying two Pashminas for £5, a bamboo crochet hook and some bells to add to my Korknisse for Christmas. And some birthday presents for Small (can't tell you 'cos he reads this).

Eating a wonderful Risotto Verde (green beans, courgette, asparagus, broccoli) absolutely yum.

This was Aunty A's Pizza Rustica

This was my plate with a bit of A's Pizza, a bit of Moo's Pasta and my Risotto.

Drinking a bottle Peroni(ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh) and several cups of coffee.

Wondering how they got all those bottles of wine on the ceiling at the restaurant we ate in.

Taking photos of London Buses for Small. I borrowed his camera on the understanding that I brought back photos of buses, tower bridge and Buckingham palace. Whoops, one out of three.

Loving this really big shoe. Well what woman wouldn't? It was from the Theatre where Priscilla Queen of the Desert was on.

Hating the fact that my new shoes I wore today absolutely killed my feet. Teach me for not breaking them in properly first!

Listening to what Huffle got up to in the day whilst I was swanning around London.

Making a bonnet for my friends baby to be (yes still - well I did have to start all over again remember!), still working out how to make another tea cosy that isn't so big Huffle has to wear it!

Why not join in here and whatever you are doing - HAVE A NICE DAY


Jumbleberries said...

Thanks for joining in with MMOM again.

I'm soooo jealous that you had a day out in London - hope you had a great day.

You mean you didn't polish off 3 bottles of wine just to find out how they stuck them to the ceiling??

Have a great week.

Jumbleberries xx

Debbie said...

Fab photos! That risotto looks delicious! Sounds like you had a lovely day :)