Monday, 31 October 2011



Nice to meet you again on a Monday. What have I been up to and what am I going to do?

Eating toasted crumpets with honey in front of a roaring open fire - we had no heating this weekend!

Drinking bottled water since we had an interruption in our water supply.  This is the colour of our water straight from the tap.

Listening to Dionne Bromfield (niece of Amy Winehouse).  She's only 15 and has an amazing voice.

Selling the contents of my home ready to relocate the Canada.

Looking forward to meeting my friend Des for a coffee this morning at the local Garden Centre.

Supervising Huffle clearing out the shed today.

Getting the Halloween costumes and face paints ready for the kids tonight for Trick or Treating.

Baking gingerbread pumpkins for any Halloween visitors this evening.

Carving out a pumpkin to put outside our house.

That's me for this week. Go and see what Clare is up to this week here.


Debbie said...

Uurgh at the colour of that water! Your gingerbread pumpkins sound yummy. Have a great Halloween!

Debbie x

Annaboo said...

You are a winner of my giveaway!!
Email me your address, and i'll try to get a little something to you before Christmas!!