Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Woyww #123 air crochet

Now I know I promised a proper work desk this week after the last two were a bit "iffy" but I'm afraid I'm up in the air this week. No seriously, in the air, on a plane, flying across the Atlantic. I am doing some crafting though believe it or not. I'm crocheting my granny blanket. I do have a picture but as yet cannot find the correct tools to add it whilst up in the air. I dropped my ball of wool on the way here and the ball rolled along the aisle. He he he he he.

I also can't link it till I get home so that will have to wait too.

I do have some lovely little labels to show you then too so please do come back and have a look.

I will try and get round as many of you as possible but again it might have to be in a day or so.

Suffice to say that my blankie is getting so big now that I can only JUST fit it in my canvas tote bag by squashing it in and that it doesn't quite fit on my knee in the aeroplane. But that is what is on my 'work knee' this Wednesday.

There will be more knees, rugs, desks, ironing boards, table tops, lawns for you to peruse HERE.

Go on then, there's nothing more to see here.

Don't forget to come back, I promise pictures.


Annie said...

Look forward to seeing your pic when you can get it uploaded :-)
A x

Jumbleberries said...

Air crochet - love it!! Hope you've had a good trip, looking forward to seeing some pictures of your blanket.

Jumbleberries xx