Monday, 3 October 2011


Meet me on a Monday

as started by the lovely, talented Clare @ Can't believe it's week 9 already. Wow. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun like this.

Anyway, this week I am:

Waiting anxiously for the phone to ring from the estate agents. We had a 2nd viewing yesterday and they said they really loved it but it's between our house and one other. Fingers crossed.

Listening to the new Kasabian album. Love it.

Baking Small's Birthday Cake.  (Will reveal tomorrow).

Watching two little scamps (Smallest and his friend Art)  playing with the lego.

Wondering whether to make a smaller pom-pom for my friends bobble hat (for her baby to be).

Learning how to crochet in rows (not rounds like the blankie), I made a Korknisse (others were knitted but this is my first crocheted one). Not up to Annaboo's standard yet but I will keep trying.

Wanting to put the shopping away but keep getting interrupted by "mummy, can we..........., Mummy, have we got............, Mummy when can we ............".

Starting to make dinner for the two boys I have with me today (I have Smallest's friend and Small is at his friends - both of my boys share friends with brothers of the same family. (Does that make sense?)  Ahhhhhhhh sweet. It makes it a little easier for after school play. Art has requested Mashed Potato - I think I can manage that!

Reading the envelopes on the cards that come through the door so I can guess who they are from. I don't know why I do that, but I almost can't open them till I know who they are. How silly.

Dreading the fact that I will be one year older tomorrow (couldn't possibly tell you how OLD that is - but it's old, believe me!!!!!!

Loving my new found skill of balloon modelling. Give it a try, it's great, till the balloon pops.  OUCH!

believe it or not - this is a monkey

and this is a giraffe, or an Apatasaurus or a sausage dog with a long neck?!

HAPPY MMOM - Have fun


Debbie said...

Love the balloon animals, the monkey is so cute! Have a great birthday!

Jumbleberries said...

Thanks for joining in with MMOM again. Looking forward to seeing Small's cake tomorrow - I have high expectations!! Didn't realise it was your birthday too - 21 again? Funny, but I have to guess who my cards are from, from the writing on the envelope too - maybe it's a sign of high intelligence?

Thanks for sharing.

Jumbleberries xx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

This sounds great! I may have to join in! Would love to see you at the fair, I met Claire at a fair already! xx

Katiejane said...

Ha ha! Super busy then! I love that hat and the photo of the lego players -so cute!
Have a good week.
Katie x

Squirrel said...

Love the balloons, they are great fun. Hope you have a lovely day today - Happy Birthday, and I hope Small has a lovely birthday party.

Mary Ann said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Sarah Tomson said...

Happy Birthday, hope you've had a fab day!! xx