Thursday, 20 October 2011

Finished on a Thursday

This is not the title of a new group, like Meet Me on a Monday or What's on your Workdesk Wednesday but I'm so pleased to have finished some things that I thought I'd make my own.

Here is my Boy Snake - I put two tiny bells in his tail so he sounds like a rattle snake.

He took a lot of sewing up as I used each individual colour to sew his stripes!!

LizzieDotDot's baby to be bonnet with a pink pompom

.....and then with a blue pompom - which will it be?

My first ever baby bootee - think it might be a little bit small

This is supposed to be a Sheep Korknisse!!

Two hairbands - one crochet with some picoting (i think thats what its called) - need to make some sort of embellishment on the red one and the other knitted with my newly bought Canadian Walmart Wool.

Another headband - but smaller - possibly for a child.

And that's about it.


Angie said...

That snake is fantastic ...great idea about the bells will know if someone moves it away.

Jumbleberries said...

You have been a Busy Butterfingers. Love your Walmart wool, scrummy. It must be the photo but I had to smile - that blue pom-pom looks as big as the hat!!

I think you are on to something with "Finished On" (perhaps) Friday - it may keep me a bit more focused during the week ????

Jumbleberries xx

fairyrocks said...

Wel just look at that cute little snake just lounging around. The details are so important, good for you to take the time to stitch him up coordinated. Your knitting is beautiful!!
Keep smiling and creating

Debbie said...

Wow you've been busy! I'm loving the boy snake, so cute!

Annaboo said...

Now you know me- I have to love your sheep korknisse the best. Soooooo cute- love those buttons. Eeeep!
Very cute headbands too.
And your snake? Just amazing.
You are one busy gal!
Have a great weekend.