Thursday, 24 November 2011

Cheap Wool and another scarf

I had to unravel the scarf I was making for Smallest's Christmas present as I got half way through the wool and realised I wasn't going to have enough.  I got the wool in the UK and it would be difficult to get extra balls, especially the exact shade,dye etc.
Then I started again, but this time made it a little it narrower.  I also changed the stitch.  But this time I used a triple followed by a double.  I like it better.  It's quite dense and I think it will be warm.  We went out today and as we gathered our scarves and hats and gloves, Smallest asked if he could wear his new scarf that Mummy was making him.  Ahhh bless, at least I know he will wear it.

Today I went to Value Village.  A second hand store that sells everything.  I bought some really old looking wool for just $1.99

Think I might use this wool to make some Christmas Decorations when my stuff comes from across the sea.  Or I could just go and buy myself some knitting needles and find some corks and make them now.

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Anonymous said...

Knitting fab - think you will need lots of scarfs, hats and gloover but very impressed that you have a teapot!!!! - excellent. Everett xxxxx