Monday, 14 November 2011

MMOM #15

This week I am using BLOGSY and have set it to automatically upload on Monday - I wonder if it will work

Anyway This week I am

Emigrating to Canada.

Updating my new address book so I can keep in touch with everyone.

Loving all my recent going away gifts - so lovely and thoughtful. I have met a lot of talented people since I've been doing my blog and crafting. When people put this amount of effort into a homemade gift, it makes me feel very special.

Working out a way of showing all my presents using some sort of collage.

Cleaning my house before the new people move in. What a dusty place it is behind the fridge and shelves that don't move for weeks, even months, maybe years in some cases. Yuk.

Also cleaning all of our garden ornaments. They won't ship them unless they are clean. Phew, what a job. Why do the birds leave their mess in our garden.

Making the last of the Christmas presents that I need to leave behind.

Emailing everyone to tell them my new address and change of email address.

Playing with the new BLOGSY App that Huffle downloaded for me. Wow it certainly makes it easier for blogging with.


Annie said...

What an exciting time for you. Hope the move goes well.
A x

Debbie said...

Those presents look fab. Wishing you well for your move!

Debbie x

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