Monday, 7 November 2011

Meet me on a Monday #14

Hi there. Hope you had a good weekend.

Here's what's going on in my world:-

Burning my toast - oh why do I always do that?

Opening all the doors to let the burnt toast smell out. Phew managed to avoid setting the smoke alarm off this time. He he he.

Drinking Taylor's Lazy Sunday Coffee in a Cafetiere (not the same as with friends but it will do).

Watching Downton Abbey from last night. Love it. Don't they all look so elegant. Dressing for dinner every evening. Think of all that washing - how did they get those whites so white without a washing machine? ..and how did they did they dry them?

Making some Christmas decorations (supposedly for presents but the boys keep stealing them!).

Keeping my address book up to date so I can keep in touch with all my lovely friends when we emigrate in just two weeks. Arrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh.

Going out for lunch with my super friend "Chap" today. We met at ante natal classes over eight years ago. Four children later (between us) and we're still good friends. We are going to a place with roaring log fires.

Looking forward to going out every day this week and some of the evenings too. Meeting up with friends, eating, drinking, much silliness and frivolity, lots of goodbyes, hopefully no tears.

Shopping with MIL Dragon tomorrow. Going shopping with my good friend Yahoo Wednesday.

Laughing at Grandad wearing my green flower hat.

That's me done for today.  Go and see what Clare is up to and see who else is joining in with MMOM today.


Sarah Tomson said...

loving the christmas decorations they are fantastic!

see you saturday x

famfa said...

I thought you only looked in the morning! What will you read now?

Debbie said...

Sounds like you have a very busy, sociable week ahead! The decoratins are great!

Sarah Tomson said...

You could of at least put another post on just for me! my cup of tea just doesn't seem the same!

famfa said...

I did - I posted a really long one on Jam2MapleSyrup - would have kept you going for ages.