Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Woyww #128 (nothing sniff sniff)

Well this doesn't look very interesting does it? Not only am I late in posting this but my table has been taken over by the packers who are shipping the contents of our house to Canada.

So on my table is a tin of paint which Huffle is using to paint the bits where shelves once were.
Kitchen roll (in our house this is called Poly Roll) - does anyone else call it this.
A pile of presents that were delivered today by my dear friends who I am leaving behind.
A car boot liner from my car that I have just sold to my wonderful friend Everett.
Small's rucksack.
My camera, ever ready to take photos of everything and everyone.
Even the table has been covered in bubble wrap ready to put in the big 40ft container.

I have had many excuses over the months for NOT posting proper workdesks but this one really pushes the boundaries.

Next week I will have a new desk across the sea. Who knows what will be on it. Certainly not my normal crafts as they have been packed already and won't be arriving until mid December.

However, I have been bought a lovely book today :-

....... So will maybe find a craft shop and buy some supplies and make something from here.

I also won a giveaway and this arrived in the post today........

It is from Lisa at Seaurchin

Not the best photo but the best I can manage today.

This is a gorgeous beautiful necklace and I am so happy I won it. Have a look at Lisa's work - and

I have lots of things I finished that I wanted to show but the computer has been packed and all my pictures are stored on there.

Please forgive me for not being able to visit too many desks this week. Shipping container arrives tomorrow. More packing and blowing up of airbeds. Off to parents Friday and a farewell party on Saturday. Then up, up and away flying on Sunday. HOPE TO SEE YOU NEXT WEEK.


Anonymous said...

Ooh err missuus, remembering what it was like four days before we left the UK, I'm surprised you've got time for anything! Looking forward very much to your desk next week, please post something, even if it's not a desk! Have a great last few days in Blighty, and safe travels. Next time we "speak" we'll be on the same timezone!

Brenda 86

Annie said...

What an exciting time for you. Can't imagine how you've found time to blog but glad you did so we can all wish you a safe journey and will be looking out for your next exciting post in your new home accross the big pond.
Big hugs,
A x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I should imagine you're excited and anxious and slightly sad too about leaving the UK. What an adventure, you're very brave. Good luck with the move, the travelling etc - hope Canada is everything you wish for :)
Hugs, LLJ #45 xx

Annaboo said...

Good luck to you all.
Can't wait to hear about your new adventures.

Angie said...

How did I miss you this week sorry...saw you on my almost DIL's side bar ...I know you wont read this 'til much later but all my good wishes for the move ....look forward to seeing your new space.