Thursday, 3 November 2011

I'm a Winner

How exciting.  I've won a giveaway.  WAHOOOOOOOOOO.

Annaboo's House was having a "Pay It Forward giveaway" and I won it.  I don't know what it it is yet - when I receive my gift I will carry on the Giveaway and host one myself with all the details.  I do hope you will enter.

In the meantime - here is what I have finished this week :-

You may or may not know I have been working on a Tea Cosy since September

(or maybe before that if I'm completely honest).  Well I made one before - It was rubbish and then I made another - and I'm quite pleased with it. 

It is very unique and strange and Funky. But I made up the pattern, and used two different types of wool - one from UK and one from Canada.

  I do hope my friend likes it.


Also this week I have made two little Christmas Korknisse (idea from Annaboo's House).

They have little tiny bells on the end of their hats.  I made these orginally for presents for friends to hang on their tree but my boys have decided we are having them.

So back to the knitting bag to find some more wool to knit some for my friends' trees!


Mrs A. said...

I just love your teapot cover. You are very clever to do your own pattern . Like your little men too. Am looking for ideas to make stocking filllers for advent calendars I'm doing this year. Hugs Mrs A. #113.

MaggieC said...

Your knitted things are lovely, and how clever to combine wools from two different countries. Opal Fruits were great, the change of name seemed to change the enjoyment somehow. How about Marathon/Snickers?