Friday, 27 March 2015

$10 quilt heart

About 10 months ago, I joined a $10 Quilt class. For $10 (paid just once), I get to go to a lovely sewing shop and MrsSew gives me some bits of material and the knowledge to make one quilt square. As long as we finish the piece before the next session (a month), you get your next pieces of material free. Obviously I had to buy my main fabric first but I get to learn a different technique each month. BARGAIN.

This months proved to be tricky as it was part sewing and part origami (in my opinion anyway). I'm not completely happy with the results but at least I know how to do it now.

In order to make the hearts a little more 'rounded' we had to kind of push the fabric up and sew (this is all very new to me).

It's not the tidiest piece of sewing I have ever done but I rushed it as I need it for tomorrow and silly me left it till the last minute.

Here are all the pieces I've made so far:-

Each pattern came with a little story regarding the season or month we were in. TopLeft: I love the robins, though that was my first introduction to appliqué which I love but find challenging. TopMiddle: English paper piecing I found very relaxing as it was a lot of hand sewing but no-one told me we weren't supposed to sew through the cardboard so my stitched got ripped out a bit. TopRight: With the trees I was introduced to iron on sticky stuff (forgot the name). MIDDLE: these three were what I would call proper quilting as it is lots of squares sewn at different angles to get different effects. BottomLeft: should have been a Christmas Wreath but it appears I sewed it up slightly wrong, however the middle red bits are puffed up - more origami as I call it. BottomMiddle: More normal quilting techniques. And the BottomRight: my biggest headache.

I wonder what tomorrow's pattern will be? March is the month. A Hare? An Easter Egg? Snow? Rain? I will let you know.


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