Monday, 9 March 2015

3 week quilt and 5 weeks of Pottery

I have just joined a Quilting class for beginners. Bearing in mind I have only just learnt to sew, this is challenging.

Our first week consisted of cutting our fabrics (I chose them weeks ago). The fabrics are not ones I would normally choose, I think they are very grown up but I really like them.

My homework was to sew 36 squares together, press seams and cut out border and maybe sew if time permitted. I have come a bit unstuck with even cutting out the border so that will have to wait until Thursday. We then cut all the squares in a Twister shape and sew them back together!!!!

I have also started a pottery class. Five weeks, each week making a different pot. Not on a wheel, just using slabs or pinch pots. Now pottery I have done before, in fact I did it as a night class many moons ago for ages. My poor mum has pots everywhere in her house but I just have my piggy bank and a couple of book ends I made.

The first week we went I made a pinch pot with a lid (no idea what this will be used for).

Mines the one top right.

The second week we made a Sushi Dish (I don't eat sushi but I did like the shape of it. I even made a chopstick holder and a baby sushi dish.

The third week I was away and last week I made a mug. I was dubious about the mug because it was a strange shape but I was very happy with the outcome.

Looking forward to more sewing and potting this week.



pearshapedcrafting said...

I've been wondering what you are doing - looks as though you are having fun! Love your pots, especially the mug! Hope the weather is improving! Hugs, Chrisx

JoZquilts said...

Haven't seen you for so long. I love what you are doing. I too have moved away from paper crafting and I do a lot of quilting and patchwork now. I really enjoy it!
Best wishes
Jo x