Thursday, 12 March 2015

Quilting Class No2

My second quilting class was today. I proudly took in my 36 squares, painstakingly stitched together and made four 6" borders and stitched them to my squares. At this point I thought it looked rather nice. Then we started cutting out squares within the squares and panic ensued. Nine cut squares later and I realised how beautiful this quilt was going to look. Out of nowhere came some pinwheel shapes.

It requird lots of numbering and checking and checking and checking yet again and then I sewed the first seven squares together.

.......and ironed the seams nicely. Then I cut out another seven, positioned and labelled them. WOW. That little lot took three hours, one cup of strong black coffee and a small banana. Phew.

Later in the evening I managed to sew the second seven and cut out another seven.

I am liking this. Apparently with all the bits left behind we can make either a smaller one with the same design in smaller pinwheels, or we can use it within the border of the main one. Then with the pieces left behind on the second one, we can make a teeny tiny one. How exciting.

There is a two week break now for my class but I have lots of sewing here at home to do in the meantime.




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JoZart Quilts said...

Isn't it satisfying? How lovely it looks already and the more you do, the easier it gets at understanding it. Lovely fabrics and colours you have chosen too. Good luck!
Jo x